Water Test

The simple and reliable solution you were waiting for

Do you provide safe pools to your customers ?

With Water Test, make sure your customers’ pools are free from bacteria


Our tests are approved by the scientific community


Easy and DIY protocol


For people who are concerned about the sanitary quality of their water


You have among your customers people concerned and requiring that the water in their swimming pool is always of the best quality.

Finally, offer them a solution!


The C4Hydro Water Test Kits have been specially developed to provide a simple, fast and reliable solution, especially adapted to individuals and small structures. The Coliforms Water Test is carried out in a few very simple steps.

Easy result reading : A change in color of the liquid indicates a positive result.

It works with 2 elements:

  • The Mini-Lab : the first pocket laboratory (reusable and compatible with other test kits)
  • The Coliforms Water Test kit : Contains the reagents for detecting the bacteria in one water sample

1 Mini-Lab + 10 Tests

for 80€ only



1 Mini-Lab

+ 10 refills Coliforms Water Test

A formula suitable for healthy water throughout the summer
Swimming pool, spa, jacuzzi 

112€ incl tax

80 € incl tax


Excluding shipping costs


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Fichier 3@4x

Cutting-edge technology from the French academic research of excellence*

The only method on the market capable of reproducing the culture conditions of an analysis laboratory thanks to an unprecedented innovation: a mini bacteria incubator, no larger than a smartphone.

*CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research)

C4Hydro, specialist in the detection of bacteria in water 

C4Hydro solutions use an exclusive technology, issued from the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), which has received international recognition.

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