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Tests based on the most reliable scientific technique for detecting bacteria

Stop doubting your water.
Test it!

With the MINI-LAB revolution, take control over your water

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The very first reusable pocket laboratory capable of reproducing the culturing conditions of a microbiological analysis laboratory.

It couldn’t be simpler, just choose the kit you want

Science has never been so close to you

Thanks to the Mini-Lab innovation and its reusable portable incubator, you can finally perform tests at home with the guarantee of obtaining the same results as in a scientific laboratory.



Results equivalent to analysis in a laboratory*
*certification in progress


Results in only 24h to 48h 
instead of 10 days in a laboratory*
*for Legionella pneumophila



A simplified scientific protocol. Handy and accessible to all

Bacteriological prevention tests

Manage the risk: check for the presence of bacteria.

Pathogenic bacteria, i.e. bacteria which are harmful to health, can develop in water systems and cause serious infections (pneumonia, gastroenteritis, meningitis, etc.) if no action is taken in time.

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Water Test


Shop C4Hydro Home

Water Test



In which cases should our products be used?

Any doubt about the purity of your water? About the installations to be tested ? About times of risk ? About the most vulnerable people faced with the risk of contamination ? We answer all your questions.

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