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C4Hydro, the cutting-edge microbiology for monitoring health risks

A specialist in the detection of pathogenic bacteria in water, C4Hydro develops and markets test kits for professionals and private individuals.
Created in 2014, the C4Hydro brand uses Diamidex® technology, a major patented scientific breakthrough which emerged from excellent French academic research which has gained recognition both in France and internationally.

Thanks to this method, our on site tests are the only ones to provide results comparable to those obtained in a certified scientific laboratory, in record time! 

After having devised and developed solutions for professionals, our team of researchers and experts in microbiology wanted to simplify the procedure to meet the needs of private individuals. Their challenge? To democratize scientific tools and make them accessible and usable by all, in full autonomy and without specific skills.

Our objective: take science out of the laboratory and allow everyone to ensure the bacteriological safety of his/her drinking water


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