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Mini-lab is the first pocket-sized incubator capable of reproducing the culture conditions of a real laboratory!


The Mini-Lab revolution ? Thanks to its pocket-sized incubator, which is no bigger than a smartphone, it makes it possible for bacteria to multiply in temperature conditions that are ideal for their growth. Used by laboratories, this technology is the most reliable technology for accurately measuring bacteria concentration in a water sample. Description – 1 Mini-Lab (reusable) – Dimensions: 22 x 17 x 8 cm



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Frequently Asked Questions

<p>Which types of test can I use the Mini-Lab with?</p>

The Mini-Lab can be used with all Refill tests of the Water Test range. The Mini-Lab cannot perform analysis on its own.

Is the Mini-LAB reusable?

Yes, the Mini-Lab is reusable. It will be able to be used to carry out other analyses. It is compatible with all refill kits of the Water Test range.

Further information

Contents of the Mini-Lab

  • One 110-240V – 50/60Hz incubator with a power cable and European plug (contact us regarding UK or US plugs)
  • One 50 mL syringe + stopper
  • One 10 mL syringe with connector
  • One 1 mL syringe with connector
  • One instruction leaflet

The incubator does not show a continuous green light. What should I do? 

In the event of a fault in the incubator, contact us.
The table below describes the meaning of the warning lights:

Colour of the LED



The LED flashes blue

The incubation temperature has not been reached after 30 minutes

The ambient temperature of the room is too cold. The incubator must be used in a warmer environment.


The LED flashes red

Operational problem.
The incubator will not heat up.

The incubator must be replaced.


The LED flashes green

The temperature of the incubator is increasing.

If you unplug the incubator, it is normal for the LED to flash. When the incubator is at the correct temperature, the LED will be static green.


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